Wireless networks: the launchpad for drone technology

Paired with a strong network, drones can save time, money and lives. Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, are transforming the way government agencies and companies provide goods and services. When paired with a reliable and robust wireless network, drones have the potential to save time, money and ultimately, lives. The [...]


First Responders Rely on Wireless Connectivity

A reliable wireless connection for emergency services isn’t optional. April 29, 2019 When crisis strikes, people count on first responders for a rapid response. Earlier this month, thousands of these men and women who respond to calls were honored during National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week for their commitment to saving [...]


Bridging the Digital Divide

Low-Income Households Rely on Mobile Data In our rapidly changing world, too many communities are being left on the wrong side of the “Digital Divide,” a concept which describes the unequal access to the internet drawn down socioeconomic lines. With the internet becoming more and more central to daily life, disadvantaged communities are [...]


Smart and Connected Communities

Smart Cities: Brought to You by Wireless Connectivity Smart cities are a fundamental transformation underway in cities across the country that connects people with their government and improves quality of life for all. Wireless technologies are a key component of this generational shift, helping to reduce traffic, encourage economic development, improve infrastructure and [...]


Wirelessly Connected Stadiums

A connected fan is a happy fan. February 4, 2019 Ever fail to send a picture in a crowded stadium because the rest of the fans are trying to send their own pictures? When Super Bowl LIII headliner Maroon 5 performed at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium this year, tens of thousands [...]


Telemedicine: Brought to You by Wireless Connectivity

Access to virtual appointments is just a click away with a strong network. Modern healthcare is more mobile than ever before. From biotelemetry to remote medicine, the healthcare industry has been transformed by wireless technologies that make use of cellular data networks to provide critical information and timely alerts to medical professionals. Telemedicine, [...]


New Year, New Wireless Connections

Strong networks are vital during the biggest events of 2019. Descending on the City of Pasadena, California during this year’s Rose Parade: more than 700,000 people. Descending on the City of Atlanta, Georgia during Super Bowl LIII: more than 200,000 people. Descending upon the City of New Orleans, Louisiana during Mardi Gras: more [...]


Now Boarding: Wireless Connectivity

December 5, 2018 The U.S. Department of Transportation reports U.S. airlines carried an all-time annual high of passengers in 2017, beating 2016’s record, which suggests more people will crowd our airports this 2018 holiday season. Fortunately, technology-based services like check-in kiosks and mobile ticketing help passengers navigate and simplify their airport experiences. However, without a [...]


More Headlines

Advancement in driverless aircraft could direct the future of drones, flight May 22, 2019 Valley governments work to include drones in public safety, marketing tasks May 22, 2019 World's First Ever Organ Delivery Via Drone May 22, 2019 Wireless charging hotspots let drones fly forever through in-air recharges May 22, 2019 Bill to commemorate fallen [...]


Wireless Networks: The Solution for Autonomous Vehicle Communication

November 28, 2018 Self-driving cars, or “autonomous vehicles,” are here, and manufacturers and regulators have made safety the top priority when deploying this technology. Autonomous vehicles are predicted to be a significant element of our transportation system as early as 2020. These cars, already being piloted in cities all over the world, could save over [...]