Increase our wireless capacity.

Wireless Infrastructure Now was formed to support efforts to increase our wireless capacity to ensure residents, professionals, businesses and governments remain connected no matter where they are. The coalition educates and advocates at the local level for robust, resilient wireless infrastructure that meets the growing needs of our communities. These communities rely on a strong wireless network to keep economies, residents and services moving in the right direction.

Existing wireless infrastructure needs a massive upgrade. By 2022, data demand is projected to increase five times over 2017 levels, and our network capacity is not keeping up. A thriving wireless infrastructure network is not a luxury – it is necessary for numerous core functions we depend on daily. Network enhancements are not just needed for 5G and new technologies – these upgrades are necessary to support existing and future demand on existing cellular systems.

Like electricity in the 19th century and interstate highways in the 20th century, wireless networks represent the next frontier of infrastructure investment needed to support a 21st century society.

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From first responders to small business startups, transportation providers to journalists, custodians to CEOs, the need for reliable wireless is everywhere and the risks of not deploying critical infrastructure to support that need are real. Imagine not being able to call 911 in an emergency, or a patient monitor not informing doctors if something goes wrong. Imagine your mobile business grinding to a halt due to poor connectivity. These are the stakes.

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that meet the needs of our communities now and in the future.

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