/Small Businesses Rely on Strong Wireless Connections

Small Businesses Rely on Strong Wireless Connections

November 28, 2018

Small businesses account for 99.9% of businesses in the U.S., employing more than 58.9 million people. These companies rely on strong wireless networks to thrive in a competitive economy.

Last year, more than 7,200 neighborhood champions across the U.S. rallied for this year’s Small Business Saturday, an annual holiday tradition on the Saturday after Thanksgiving dedicated to encouraging holiday shoppers to patronize small, local businesses.

San Diego’s “North Park Main Street”, a WIN-supporting organization, helped raise awareness of this year’s Small Business Saturday to attract more shoppers to North Park’s local business district.

“WIN is proud to have the support of small business advocates that understand the importance of wireless connectivity to their future success,” said WIN founder, Jim Madaffer.

The vast majority of businesses in the US are small businesses, and they need strong wireless connectivity to support their core functions. Whether an independent contractor who works remotely, a small retailer that uses Square on an iPad to process sales, or a pop-up shop that relies on social media for marketing, small businesses count on wireless connectivity to operate and thrive.

A reliable wireless network enables local businesses to increase marketing, accessibility, productivity, and ultimately, sales.

Wireless Connectivity for Marketing 

Enables small businesses to provide updates to highlight inventory and specials on their websites and social media platforms

Encourages customers to tag their location when shopping to drive more traffic to store fronts

Wireless Connectivity for Accessibility

54% of customers research online to compare prices and inventory while in store

43% of Americans spend at least some time working remotely

Wireless Connectivity for Productivity

84% of customers are frustrated when customer service representatives do not have information, preferring to avoid searching through files

Enables employees to send emails from their mobile devices while away from the office

Wireless Connectivity to Increase sales

64% of businesses noticed customers spend more time in their stores if Internet access is offered